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 What are the announcements when using the egg tray molds?

Production tools play an important role in practical production. Just like egg tray mold, it’s not enough to have egg tray machine but need to have other tools that are matched with. Of course, there are many matched equipment. Here, I’d like to introduce egg tray mold because it’s the key tool in the production.
There’s high frequency to use egg mold and every time using molds it will cause damage on it and with time goes by, after a certain extent, the performance of molds will decline until abandoning it. Therefore, we need to do some summary to lengthen its using time.

1.before using the molds, smear the lubricating oil on the molds to lower the friction, which lengthen the using time.
2.Before the machine stop working, do not touch the molds with hands, preventing form harm.
3.Use the special clamp to take the product, reducing the work accident.
4.Clean the molds when not use it and smeaer slushing oil.
5.Check the mold size regularly and recording the data, do some analysis on the loss of the molds, so that control the quality of products within the qualified range.