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Pulp molding products from material preparation to molding, the main material is pulp. However, to complete the whole process, additive materials as additives is also essential.Now let introduce the additive for production of pulp molding products,

Introduction of types of additive for pulp moulding products
1, waterproof agent. The main ingredients are paraffin wax, rosin , stearic acid, chromium chloride complex, organic silicon, chitosan and so on. The main function is to improve the quality of the pulp solidifies as a model product, and reduce surface tension, filling the inner gap of the product, so make it waterproofed .

2, oil-proofing agent. Use of a fluorinated surfactant, namely hydrogen atoms part or all of the hydrocarbon chains formed by fluorine atoms replaced by fluorocarbon chain or oxa fluorocarbon chain surfactants, because of its surface active agent with high surface activity, high thermal stability and high chemical inertness, thus play a waterproof, oil-proofing effect.

3, reinforcing agent. That is pulp products strength enhancement agent. By adding the strength agent, pulp mold products the strength will at least 2~3 times higher than without strength agent, such as compressive strength, tensile strength, bending deformation and durability will be enhanced.

In general, the best production process can improve product quality and within the minimum cost range at the same time, the actual application of molded pulp additives to improve a product quality fully illustrated, reasonable allocation of production resources and utilization in order to create high value products.