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 Equipment manufacturers provide the cost of products in the equipment manual, products manufacturers generally only as a reference. Because some equipment manufacturers to provide the cost of calculation, often ignored the actual utilization of equipment, there is no strict calculation of slurry, additives loss rate, there is no strict assessment of the product yield and other factors on the cost of the impact, but at the very most, it is not exactly the same as the actual cost. For example, the utilization of the slurry (including additives) is not 100% in the production process. If you take into account the loss of the slurry, the loss of the wet process, it is not a ton of dry pulp to produce 25 grams of meal Box 40000 pcs, according to the slurry utilization rate of 95% to calculate, but 38000 pcs; if you consider the 95% pass rate, 38000pcs  became 36100 only. Only this one, calculation of products cost is nearly 10% difference. If the utilization of equipment can’t reach to requirements, then its product costs and economic benefits will be more difference.
Anyhow, To choose the pulp molding equipment, you need to understand its molding processing conditions at first, must be carefully examined base on your own conditions and production requirements,should be expert advice if necessary, that is the only way to build an efficient, high quality paper manufacturer.