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Lowers costs, saves space and time, offers protection and sustainability benefits.

SH Machinery, a machine manufacturer of molded pulp packaging for custom forms including trays, clamshells, and end caps for a wide range of products, announces the top six benefits of incorporating molded pulp in packaging efforts:

1) Lowers costscompared to other similar packaging materials, by up to 70 %. These savings consider the price associated with transportation, warehousing, labor, and design. 
2) Saves space as the molded pulp nests and stacks together, allowing for a greater quantity on every pallet and customers to ship more per truckload. This can lead to 50% less shipping volume. 
3) Saves time  by eliminating assembly, as well reducing labor costs. Time is also saved because shipments are less frequent. Additionally, SH Machinery’s molded pulp is ready to use when it arrives at the point of packaging.
4) Protection in that molded pulp has been around for more than 100 years, but the benefits of its protection in the way of packaging are now being realized. Molded pulp offers superior performance and provides unmatched protection.
5) Sustainability: Our machine can repurpose nearly 20 tons of recycled newspaper/day. The molded pulp machine manufactures is 100% produced by this discarded newspaper otherwise bound for a landfill.
6) Infinite designs: With state-of-the-art CAD software, SH Machinery provides fast and accurate custom design solutions with their molded pulp packaging.

Our machine can produce a transfer-molded thin-wall product, the most prevalent type used in the industry today. The process uses a forming and transfer die with a standard thickness of 1/16 in. and has provided soft protection for eggs and light bulbs for more than 100 years. Today, this technology provides accuracy and definition for moderate to high volume products.