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 The Xiangtan SH Machinery Development Co.,Ltd named four new board members last week 30th -31st,July, at Qianhai equity exchange,shenzhen.Six representives from Xiangtan SH Machinery Development Co.,Ltd attended the ceremony,as it showed in the pictures from left to the right are:Engineering Department Manager:Mr.Tianfei Zhong,Network Marketing Department Manager:Mr.John Chao,Administrative Department Manager:Mrs.Xuee Li,President and CEO:Mr.Yong Chao,Foreign Trade Department Manager:Mr.Tony Tang and Internal Trade Manager:Mr.Xin Li.

“The board of governors has chosen four highly accomplished and capable leaders who
have made industry-wide contributions over their careers,”  President and CEO Chao said. “We benefit for their sector expertise, and we look forward to their counsel regarding challenges and opportunities facing the paper pulp industries.”
Yong Chao is the chief manufacture founder and the president and CEO of its world-wild Operations. He has 30 years of experience working in the design, technology and manufacturing sector, and has held leadership roles at the paper pulp molding industry
Xuee Li is the Administrative Department Manager,she make the company works as one,ensure the healthy running ofour company in the light of working schedule and norm andsupervise and urge everyone to behave well

Tony Tang is Foreign Trade Department Manager,responsible for the management of the ministry of foreign trade and related production process supervision.
Xin Li is Internal Trade Manager,responsible for the management of the interal trade and related production process supervision.
John Chao is Network Marketing Department Manager,distributing the enquiries and supervising the presentation on alibaba and the web of Xiangtan SH Machinery Development Co.,Ltd.
Tianfei Zhong is Engineering Department Manager,who owns a lot of  engineer certificates,designing the CAD drawing of all the productions,mould,forming machine,dryer and so on,is his main work.

During the meeting,Yong Chao indtroduces Xiangtan SH Machinery Development Co.,Ltd,highlight the strength and unity of the team and the company,paper pulp molding industry is environmental-friendly and sustainable,this is the first step that Xiangtan SH Machinery Development Co.,Ltd becomes public limited company
There are some requests to be named:
1.the last 12 months, the cumulative net profit should not be less than 300 million yuan.
2.the cumulative revenues of last month should not be less than 20 million yuan; or last 24 months should not be less than 20 million yuan, and the growth rate should not bed less than 30%.
3.the net assets should not be less than 10 million yuan, and revenues of the most recent 12 months should not beless than 500 million.
4.the bank loans of last 12 months should amounted to 100 million yuan or invest on equity investment institutions up to 100 million yuan.

During the ceremony,there is a traditional event to be done while the Xiangtan SH Machinery Development Co.,Ltd to be named on the new four board,Mr.Yong Chao and Mr.John Chao striked the gong.

Named "four new board" means great significance to growing enterprice . First, the "four new board" provides a new financing channel: Xiangtan SH Machinery Development Co.,Ltd can directly raise funds through the issuance, allotment, etc., and raise funds indirectly through bank mortgage equity, which can meet the financing needs, also be able to cut off the risk inguarantee chain effectively.Secondly, to open new market : with full disclosure and public transfers, so that more investors get to know Xiangtan SH Machinery Development Co.,Ltd,which can improve the Xiangtan SH Machinery Development Co.,Ltd's visibility. It also can improve the liquidity of the Xiangtan SH Machinery Development Co.,Ltd shares, so that the shares can be in the well-known platform for circulation.This is especially suitable for Xiangtan SH Machinery Development Co.,Ltd, including the company that can not afford the huge advertising costs of the mainstream media,also a number of B2B companies. The IPO rejections companies also have a new choice in this: to improve the management level for the listing . In addition, this is also a testing ground for the SME private debt: PRE expands original equity transfer expanded to bond financing now, which is the corporate with private debt,significance of bond issues is self-evident to the Xiangtan SH Machinery Development Co.,Ltd corporate finance issuers.