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Abroad: Paper has become the world's big industrial. All kinds of paper and paper products deep into all aspects of people's lives, pulp molding products are also able to develop such an environment, some developed countries Pulp has 80 years of history. Currently, France, the United States, Japan, Canada, Iceland, Britain, Denmark, Singapore, the Netherlands and other countries of the pulp molding industry already has a considerable scale. In the United States, paper pulp molding products is basically paper, approximately 450,000 tons of paper each year, 40% annual growth rate since 1994, the year 2000 has increased to 81 million tons. Since 1989, the United States, about 600 factories produce pulp, paper and paperboard and related products. Of which 200 are basically the use of waste paper as raw materials, and 300 in the production process 50% use of waste paper. Huge demand for pulp molding packaging, it has become the third largest consumer of recycled paper industry.

Domestic: Development pulp molding industry in our country for nearly 20 years. Since the 1980s, Hunan, Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu and the introduction of foreign pulp molding production lines for the production of egg trays. 1984 Hunan pulp molding plant investment of 10 million yuan from France to introduce a drum automatic pulp molding production line is mainly used for production of egg trays, this is the beginning of China's pulp molding. The late 1980s, China began to study their own raw pulp molding line. In 1988, China has developed the first domestic pulp molding production lines, mainly in the egg tray, beer tray, fruit tray, the products a single, low grade. From the beginning of the 1990s, molded pulp products are used for packaging agricultural products, home appliances, electronics, instrumentation and other products.

After 1994, the development of pulp molding industry has a new leap in Guangdong Pearl River Delta region, the rise of centralized coastal cities J, the production of paper pulp molding products lined packaging manufacturers, egg tray production is mainly concentrated in Hunan Shandong, Henan, Beijing and other places; a group of more design, manufacture of pulp molding equipment manufacturers, such as Xiangtan pulp molding factory. According to incomplete statistics, pulp molding products and production equipment and currently has more than 200 distribution throughout the country.

Since 1994, along with the impact of domestic and international environmental policy and social awareness of environmental protection, pulp molding industry in our country we have invested a lot of human and financial resources. Through the efforts developed to meet the conditions of molded pulp snack, bowls, plates, etc., which requires production equipment and technology, recipes, health and physical and chemical indicators of the snack were high. The strong support of national authorities, through the efforts of the majority of researchers, Chinese snack products has continued to improve. Our pulp molding production technology, equipment, on some performance indicators have reached the world advanced level.