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With the deepening of the market economy, the rapid development of infrastructure, how to effectively control the quality of egg tray equipment become an important issue. To this end, the lake province Xiangtan bicyclic Machinery Development Co., Ltd egg tray equipment for the appearance of quality problems specially to buy a manual sandblasting machine.

The above picture sandblasting machine company site
The main effect of blasting machine is the equipment surface cleaning, painting equipment to prepare for the post. The main clean-up as follows:
Scale after heat treatment, residual salt, residual oil; black (have) color scale castings, sand and the like; no margin machining precision casting scale, sand, etc; residue machined parts, micro burr; scale welding parts, welding slag; cold, hot-rolled steel (steel) oxide scale, rust layer and the like; various mold cavity of a mold release agent, sediments; sintered ceramic element surface residue; plastic molding fly piece edge; radioactive object surface; bridges, hydropower station gate, ship building; airport runway rubber adhesive layer; railcar; various pipeline and tank containers; old parts of the oil, and other attachments; containers paint residue, rust layer, and attachments etc; decorative surface scratches, etc; wrong sintered layer on porcelain.

The above picture for the first time be painted after sandblasting effect.