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Hunan Province, "Xiangtan SH Machinery Development Co., Ltd." China's development over the years to promote green packaging industry; R & D production of pulp molding machinery and equipment as well as supporting the molded pulp drying equipment with a number of national patents. The company's equipment sold around the world, by the user's trust and praise. Here to talk about my company alone pulp molding production lines supporting the promotion and application of the suspension lines in the pulp molding field.

Drying methods pulp molding production line can generally be divided into: automatic drying line and drying drying drying two forms of drying methods. Wherein drying drying method is divided into: manual and automatic drying rack drying line hanging to dry.

Manual drying rack drying at home early and developed countries is more common and more primitive way of drying, labor intensity larger, take more production sites. It belongs to a labor-intensive drying methods.

The above pictures Manual drying rack to dry pulp molding products live scene.

Automatic suspension wire drying mode is automatic suspension transported drying racks, drying planes without human transport, so greatly reducing the labor intensity and improve production efficiency. Automatic suspension wire can be divided into single-layer and multi-layer, it may be different from planning and design of the user's production site and installed according.

The figure is the workers in the automatic suspension of pulp molding products line the shelves of the sun scene

The figure is the automatic suspension wire in my company's customers live scene.

The figure is the company's foreign customers in automatic suspension wire installation site case

Advantages of automatic suspension wire drying method are: 1 does not need coal or other heating by way of the wet pulp molding product is dried, the drying cost more economical. 2 From an environmental point of view, thanks to the natural way of drying drying, environmental protection and more prominent. 3 compared to manual mode carts drying, reduce labor intensity and significantly improve production efficiency, reduce labor input costs. There is also reduced footprint.

The disadvantage automatic suspension wire drying method are: 1 initial pulp molding production line into a larger one-time construction costs. 2 Compared to automatic drying line, drying time is longer, it is not conducive to continuous production and mass production; labor intensity and labor costs are higher than the automatic drying line. 3 products greater impact during drying by the natural environment, such as that rainy day, night, winter is not conducive to natural drying climate. It is more suitable for long hours of sunshine and high temperature areas to promote and use.