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Egg tray production project5
My Preferred Currency
Capacity per hour
Waste Paper (per Ton)
USD 0.00
Labor (per hour)
USD 0.00
Fuel (natural gas or 0#diesel or LPG per m³/L)
USD 0.00
Electricity (per KWH)
USD 0.00
water( per m³)
USD 0.00
Sale Price (per tray)
Total Daily Costs USD 0.00
Costs per Tray USD 0.00
Net Annual Income USD 0.00
Notice: This excludes the rent of factory, packing charge and transport costs.


  • 30 year industry experience in Pulp Molding Machine starting from the 1984, Higher quality, More energy-saving, stronger R&D technology team support, Perfect after-sale service.

    Any concerns of our machine by email/phone will be replied ASAP within 24 hours

    According to the customers’ requirements and circumstance to make the best egg tray production line design

    Cost/benefit analysis

    To support factory layout

    Desigh and make egg tray sample (charge, but if you ordering can offset the purchase price)

    We are in charge of installing,debugging and training Technical guidance of frequently asked questions